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Virtual Graffiti Management gets a tour of Kaspersky technology in action in the Ferrari garage at the 2014 Italian Grand Prix in Monza

Grand Prix of Italy

During the weekend of September 6-7, 2014, Virtual Graffiti, a reseller partner of Kaspersky Lab in the North-American market, was given the opportunity of a lifetime: A visit to the high plains of Lombardy, on the outskirts of Milan, Italy - to the city of Monza, on the occasion of the 2014 Italian Grand Prix - as the special guests of Kaspersky Lab.

Hillel Sackstein, Virtual Graffiti’s founder and president, was joined by his brother Howard Sackstein, VP of Marketing for the company, for an event he described as “an unbelievable, ‘bucket-list’ experience.”

Kaspersky Lab, a world leader in information-technology security, is no stranger to motor racing. In 2010, Kaspersky became an “Official Sponsor” to Scuderia Ferrari, the racing-team division of Ferrari and the oldest active team in Grand Prix racing. Ferrari as a brand has become synonymous with innovation, cutting-edge technology and exclusivity-assets that require the most stringent of protection. Scuderia Ferrari’s security needs are equally integral to its success on the track. Thus, 2013 brought a new level of partnership between the two companies: Ferrari became a customer of Kaspersky Lab, enlisting the IT protection specialists to provide them with total endpoint security.

As guests of Kaspersky, the Sackstein brothers got to meet with Ferrari drivers and engineers and got an exclusive look at how Kaspersky technology was being used to safeguard Ferrari’s data in an exceedingly demanding environment that places a premium on the highest level of competitive performance.

Howard and Hillel Sackstein

“Both Kaspersky and Ferrari are, in their respective fields, motivated by similar impulses,” said Sackstein. “They’re both driven to innovate, to outpace the competition, whether the arena is concrete or digital.”

Added Sackstein: “As an avid and longtime Formula One fan, to actually tour the pits complex of the almost-100-year-old Autodromo Nazionale Monza, stand where so many legendary drivers and teams have raced, to witness the synergy between Kaspersky and Ferrari, both on and off the track, was a unique privilege, and something I won’t soon forget. I want to thank the entire Kaspersky team for making it possible.”

To watch Kaspersky Lab’s case study on its technical partnership with Ferrari, click here. You may also learn more about Kaspersky Lab products by visiting


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