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NGD Systems

Industry's First Computational Storage for the Intelligent Edge

NGD Systems enables edge infrastructure success and growth by delivering the industry's most innovative NVMe SSDs in the largest capacity and most power-efficient storage products available. The computational storage products overcome data gravity at the edge by removing the resource requirements to overcome mass-scale data inertia. This provides an increase in system-level performance for near-real-time processing at the edge where data is generated. In-situ processing, which increases efficiency for applications and mass datasets, wherever the data resides, is paramount to customer success. The Newport Platform radically reduces the network bandwidth required to analyze mass data sets and reduces the strain on customer infrastructure. NGD Systems's products enable compute at the edge without moving data from storage devices, overcoming challenges that current system architectures cannot solve. NGD Systems's breakthrough technology is ideal for hyperscale environments, edge computing and AI/data analytic applications.
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