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Network Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting Software

Simplify your day-to-day network management

InterMapper provides an at-a-glance, real-time view of your network devices, services, applications, connections, and traffic patterns. Drilling down on maps and charts uncovers details needed to fix performance problems and keep mission-critical networks up to service level requirements. Over 25,000 network manager across the globe use InterMapper for:

Proactive Network Management:
  • Spot and fix pending performance problems before end-users start calling
  • Device icons on dynamic network maps are color-coded for instant status reporting
  • Alerts notify you that network performance thresholds have been exceeded
Network Services and Application Monitoring:
  • Make sure that web, email, database and other business-critical services and applications are available 24/7
Network Troubleshooting:
  • Why is the server slow? Why isn't the videoconference running well?
  • Quickly access hard drive, memory, jitter, packet latency, connection speed and other data to find and fix root causes of network service degradation
Network Capacity Planning:
  • Can traffic be rerouted to improve flow?
  • Is more server power needed to support new remote workers?
  • Real-time network performance views make you constantly aware of where your network is working well, where improvements are needed, and how to cost-effectively expand your infrastructure
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