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What Is Block Storage for On-Prem and Cloud Environments?

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By BlueAlly Marketing Team

Block storage is more efficient, easier to access, and scales more readily. However, it can be more complex and expensive to set up.

What Is Block Storage?

Block storage is a method of data storage in which data is stored in units called blocks. A block is organized with its address as its only metadata and is typically stored in a buffer.

Compared to traditional file storage, block storage is more efficient, easier to access, and scales more readily. However, it can be more complex and expensive to set up initially.

Uses of Block Storage

  • Block storage is useful any time an organization needs to store large amounts of data that may be needed for intensive use and needs quick access. It’s especially commonly used for:
  •  Email Servers: Email services such as Microsoft Exchange encode emails with block storage for quick retrieval.
  •  Virtual Machines: Virtualization providers such as VMWare rely on block storage because of its scalability and portability.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud storage providers such as HP Inc. use block storage to make sure that stored files can be rapidly accessed at any time.
  • RAID Arrays: A RAID is a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. This is a system that combines a number of smaller (often older) disks into an array that functions as a single unit. Block storage allows data to be retrieved by block, regardless of which one of the disks it’s stored on.
    Block storage has many uses; the above are only a few.

Block Storage for On-Prem and Cloud Environments

You may have heard about block storage being used for on-prem and cloud environments. This simply refers to where the data is stored in relation to the user. “On-prem” is short for “on premises.” It indicates that the blocked data is stored on site. “Cloud” means that the data are stored elsewhere and accessed via the internet.

Block storage is more complex to set up than traditional file storage. If you don’t have an IT department specialized in block storage, it may be best to outsource the setup. Contact an established IT firm with experience in block storage to get the best results.

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